What is your reaction to the text you just read?

-Unsure initially of what or where this is fully taking place. Once it became more clarified it was more about whether or not I'm understanding the characters goals. With that established it was sort of a cause and effect analogy, which tied well with the goal of todays topic of empathy.

What connections did you make with the story? Discuss the elements of the story with which you were able to connect.

-It really hit home with the class based social structure. In many ways it became a less darkened analogy of what has actually happened in our own history. Though it still attempts to show how through sovereignty and oppression class rise in arms, which can be tied in with whats occurring in many places around the world today.

What changes would you make to adapt the story into another medium? What medium would you use? What changes would you make?

-I might make this an audio tape, but revised more from Merlyns perspective. I feel like visuals may help in some ways, but the emotion conveyed through audio would be perfect for a short story like this.

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