The village of the Flatheads looms amongst the top of the mountain range north of the Skeezers village. Being people of the cliffs, they must travel down from their homes in order to collect water and other necessities usually unobtainable.

The Skeezers somewhat momentarily are at war with the Flatheads.

Samuel, veteran guard for the third lookout tower of the east gate, has been stationed for three weeks now. All guards like himself are unreasonably tense. In times like these having his brain jar stolen and destroyed can easily be possible.

Flatheads must never loose their brain jars. 

Samuel, with his flatheaded stare, remains stern like his entire fellow watchman at their posts.

Folk of the flatheads must forage on a daily bases. However things are more troublesome for them since they must also care for their brains.

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