We sat amongst the ruble. The frozen looming walls of the excavation site stole all our warmth. The creeping brushes of wind twisted and wrapped through the crevice that lay open before us. Only the wind screamed.

We slowly were drawn into the cave. An unknown force weighed heavy over the atmosphere of this place. From icy walls, stone pillars and tile began to consume the cave as we found ourselves within a labyrinth.  Within the darkness, pillars glossed with what fractured light remained and formed gruesome and eerie shadows that guided us deeper. 

At last a light broke this dark curtain, but no relief would this light bring us. For what lay before us was a city vast and ominous cradled within the ice. The walls of ice cradled a spiraling city and at its center was a towering pale structure with a doorway hanging wide open. The wind began to push again, almost pulling us, whispering for us.  

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