My eyes abruptly opened. The sky lay open in front of me just as it had this morning. I figured it must be late afternoon or at least supper time. The sky, solid in its yellow hue, stayed ever unchanged above the land. Nithon, what a gloomed world.

I sat up realizing I've been cast in shadow.

What lay behind me was nothing more nor nothing less than the monolith.

"What a mundane structure", I thought to myself like always. Why must we watch over such things across the land. No one would ever dare destroy what gives life to all. Without such devises we would surely not be.

Never the less we are here. Which makes me wonder, to whom should we thank for such things? To whom would such power be had?

... (pause)

That yellow sky. That curtain above. What lay behind it?

My father once told me of stories from above the sky. A realm beyond ours. Space. Of our ancestors whom traveled the stars for generations searching for a home. How they found Nithon and with it these things. These specks on such a still world. These damn monoliths.

Why did they decide to stay here?

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