Planet: Nithon

A praire based planet, which has its ecosystem revolve around the carbination cycle of iodine. It is the sixth planet in its solarsystem, revolving around two dwarf stars. Its atmosphere has dense pockets of preaure which creates imense storms around the two poles of the planet. Because of the iodine, the planets atmosphere has a pink tint applied to everything. Nodes of iodine can be found throughout the planets surface and depths.

The people of Nithon are blue skined simple folk, whom mine and recycle the iodine in order to help stailize the atmosphere. Stabilizing the atmosphere helps lower the chances of large storms. Though the people are plagued by these storms, they have advanced well enough where they can live around the dangers of Nithons weather. 

Tschimek Planet Texture
Tschimek Terrain Files 1
Tschimek Panorama

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