We entered the room, dimly lit yet still visible, a bar hidden away from the everyday hustle welcomed us with its dark and woeful glances. The patrons took my attention though.  Each fruitfully like the next enjoying the refreshments and entertainment at hand.

Two twins sat to the side, what looked liked like tea was placed in front of them. However, they did not move or partake in their tea. They just sat there staring into the space in front of them. Only slight chuckles came from one then the other, almost like a heart beat in perfect rhythm.  

Across the sea of tables and shadows stood a gal leaning next to another unmarked door. A simple yet elegant flapper, yet when she turned to a full frontal view I would then notice the perfect circular hole piercing her form. As if she was a moving window, I watched her move up to the bar only starring at other patrons through her. Strangely put, but truthful none the less.  

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